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Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons, and you might be wondering what a tooth extraction entails. A tooth extraction is when your dentist pulls a tooth from its socket in the bone. A tooth is generally extracted as a last resort, after considering whether a tooth is suffering from too much decay or damage from trauma to be repaired. A tooth extraction might be necessary if a tooth that is too loose, or space needs to be created from overcrowding, in order to allow you to wear braces, for example. Other factors that might indicate the need for an extraction include:

— You have extra teeth which are blocking other teeth from coming in.

— If a baby tooth doesn’t fall out when it is supposed to so that the permanent tooth is able to come in.

— If you are going to be getting braces, and need room for the new position of the teeth.

— If you are undergoing radiation to the head and neck area.

— If teeth have become infected from using cancer drugs, and your immune system is compromised.

— If you have had an organ transplant and teeth can become infected.

— Your wisdom teeth may need extraction before or after they come in. If they have decay, are causing you pain, or have an infection or a cyst, they may require removal.

Having a tooth extracted can prevent further damage to a tooth as well as prevent an infection. At Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend, our dentist, Dr Thomas E. WOLD performs surgical tooth extractions and surgically places dental implant restorations for our patients in Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas to make your smile healthy and natural looking. If you are experiencing problems with your teeth, we invite you to give our skilled team a call at 541.389.1301 and let us help you restore your healthy, confident smile!