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Severe tooth decay or infection can cause a tooth to become a threat to your dental health. If this happens, your best option besides having the tooth removed may be to receive root canal therapy. Our team has answered three common questions about root canal therapy below to help you understand the nature and benefits of this treatment.

What is root canal therapy?
Root canal therapy is a procedure performed to treat a severely decayed or infected tooth so that it doesn’t need to be pulled. Though “root canal” actually refers to the inner chamber of the tooth that contains the pulp and nerves, you may hear the treatment process called a “root canal.”

What is the process of root canal therapy?
First, Dr. Thomas E. Wold will remove the decay or infection from inside the tooth and clean the tooth chamber to discourage tooth decay from returning. Then, the tooth is refilled and capped with a custom-made dental crown to restore appearance and function.

Is root canal therapy expensive?
The cost of treatment depends on which tooth will be receiving treatment. We will provide a price estimate in advance, and you can reach out to your dental insurance to find out if the procedure is covered.

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