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Have you ever drank something cold and felt a sudden, shooting pain? As you probably know, a toothache is a miserable experience and is something you want to avoid. Clearly, avoiding toothaches is something everyone strives to avoid. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fight and prevent toothaches.

Unfortunately, if your tooth aches you could be dealing with a variety of issues—and some of them may surprise you. For instance, did you know that toothaches could be caused by bruxism (or teeth grinding), infection, tooth decay, certain dietary habits, or bad oral care? Of all these causes, the most common is tooth decay. Fortunately, our dentist can identify the cause of your toothache and help you overcome it.

Still, aside from pain, toothaches can cause a wide range of symptoms, such as irritation, a bad taste in your mouth, a fever, and headaches. Generally, if your tooth aches, you should visit our dentist, but if you are experiencing any of these symptoms as well, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us immediately.

Still, aside from visiting a dentist, what can you do if you’re suffering from a toothache? In reality, there are many things you can try, such as placing a warm compress on your gums, but many treatments will need to be performed by a dentist. However, if you avoid visiting your dentist, even for an aching tooth, you could have to deal with a cavity or even eventually need a root canal.

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