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A successful oral hygiene routine begins with effective brushing techniques. If you’re not brushing your mouth out correctly, you could be leaving yourself at risk for several health problems including dental erosion and tooth decay.

To minimize the risks associated with plaque and debris in your mouth, make sure that you’re brushing twice every day and doing so safely and effectively. To clean your teeth, gently move your brush in soft, small strokes on all sides of each tooth including the front sides, the back sides and the chewing surfaces. Ideally, it should take you around two minutes to clean all teeth in your mouth. Because you will not be able to clean between teeth, an interdental cleaning tool such as dental floss or a water flosser will be required to reach these areas.

Make sure that you’re also brushing your gums and your tongue. To help minimize risks associated with gum disease or issues with halitosis due to bacteria on your tongue, you’ll need to make sure that you clean off your tongue with either a toothbrush or a tongue scraper. For additional help with your oral hygiene routines, visit your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning.

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