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If you have had periodontal disease or tooth extractions, then you may have suffered from bone loss to the jaw. This not only makes the jaw weaker and more prone to damage, but it means that the jaw usually cannot support dental implants that restore missing teeth. If you have a jaw with low bone density, then we invite you to see our dentist for a sinus lift.

A sinus lift is also known as a sinus augmentation or a sinus graft. It is a type of bone grafting procedure specifically used for the upper jaw near the back of the mouth. After numbing the area with a local anesthetic, we will make an incision to the gum tissue. Above the upper jaw is the sinus floor, which we will gently lift in order to make space for the grafting material. After placing the graft, we will stitch your gum tissue together.

A graft will bond to the jaw and promote the growth of new bone tissue. The graft will either be autogenous bone (from your own body), allogeneic bone (from human cadavers), or xenograft (from a cow). The graft from your own body is the best option because it will still have living cells that aid healing and growth. After performing this procedure, your jaw will become strong and healthy once more.