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If you frequently neglect good oral hygiene practices on a regular basis, your teeth can begin to weaken and lost quality in your tooth enamel. In time, poor oral health can affect the bond between a dental filling and the tooth, causing sensitivity and discomfort. In such a situation, we encourage you to visit Dr Thomas E. WOLD Dentistry to have the tooth examined by our dentist, who can help you understand your options for treatment.

If the dental exam reveals that your tooth doesn’t have sufficient healthy tooth enamel to support a new dental filling, our dentist may recommend that you receive a dental crown instead. A dental crown essentially replicates the shape and structure of the tooth enamel using a quality dental material.

The process of placing a dental crown begins with Dr. Thomas E. Wold removing the remaining areas of the tooth enamel layer, leaving behind a small post-shaped section of dentin referred to as an abutment. The abutment is used to anchor your dental crown in the gums.

We then create and submit a detailed impression of the abutment and neighboring teeth in your bite pattern that we send to a dental lab to assist the dental technicians in creating your custom dental crown. To protect your new abutment in the meantime, our dentist will place a temporary dental crown of hard plastic, and then you will need to return to our dental office later to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent dental crown cemented into place with the help of a powerful dental adhesive.

If you are struggling with a sensitive dental filling, we urge you to not delay calling Dr Thomas E. WOLD Dentistry at 541.389.1301 to ask our dentist about receiving a dental crown in Bend, Oregon.