Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend
Your teeth play many roles in your mouth. One of these roles in providing you with a beautiful smile. Tooth enamel is naturally bright white in color. However, many factors can lead to discoloration, which can then significantly dull the quality of your smile. Discoloration can also affect your confidence, leaving you feeling incredibly self-conscious. Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend - Thomas E. Wold, DMD can restore the bright white color to your teeth with teeth whitening.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth enamel is naturally bright white. There are many factors. However, that can contribute to discoloration, dulling the appearance of your smile. Factors that can contribute to discoloration include:
•  Certain types of foods and beverages.
•  Tobacco use.
•  Certain types of medications, such as doxycycline and tetracycline.
•  Getting older.

Teeth whitening is a treatment designed to eliminate discoloration from your teeth, restoring the bright, white color to your enamel. In doing so, the quality of your smile is enhanced, and your confidence is boosted.

Options for Professional Teeth Whitening

You may have noticed that there are many whitening products available in the oral care aisle of the pharmacy or grocery store. There are numerous types, including toothpaste, gels, strips, and more. These products promise incredible results in a short time, all for an affordable cost. However, these products contain low levels of bleaching agents. While they may be beneficial for minor surface stains, they often cannot produce the drastic results most people are looking for.

We provide two methods of professional teeth whitening. One method is performed in our office. Chairside whitening requires a single appointment and an hour of your time. After cleaning your teeth, a bleaching agent is applied to your teeth, and a light is shone over your mouth. The active ingredient in the bleaching agent breaks down, forming oxygen bubbles that enter into your enamel to bleach away stains. The light helps to enhance the results, which are noticeable immediately.

Another option for professional teeth whitening is whitening trays. This is a professional whitening method that allows you to eliminate stains from the comfort of your own home. We first create custom trays based on impressions of your mouth. These trays are designed to hold the bleaching agent against your teeth and are made to be worn twice a day for a few hours at a time, or overnight while you sleep. This treatment typically takes longer, lasting one to two weeks depending upon the amount of discoloration and your specific goals. Results begin to appear in just under a week.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening, both in the office and whitening trays, is a very safe procedure. One of the most significant risks associated with teeth whitening is the risk of tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity is only temporary, however, and disappears when your treatment is complete. A toothpaste formulated for sensitivity can help to alleviate discomfort during your treatment.

How Can I Make My Results Last?

While effective, teeth whitening is not permanent. There are, however, ways that you can help to make your results last. These include:
•  Brushing and flossing daily.
•  Limiting foods and beverages that can cause stains, such as coffee, dark berries, and red wine.
•  Drink plenty of water.
•  Quit tobacco products.
•  Have your teeth periodically retouched.

Teeth whitening can help to restore the bright white brilliance to your smile, giving you back your confidence. For more information, and to find out if teeth whitening is right for you, call Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend - Thomas E. Wold, DMD at (541) 389-0261 to schedule your appointment today.