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Ways of Categorizing Dental Pain
Posted on 9/15/2019 by Thomas Wold, DMD
When a patient comes to our office experiencing pain, the first thing we have to do is figure where and what is causing the pain. There many reasons for dental pain. It can be frustrating to answer lots of questions before we can work on you. However, we have to determine which tooth or teeth are the problem, or if the problem stems from outside of it. Below we will explain the different areas you can experience pain and the causes and conditions. If you do have to see us in pain, you will be educated and able to speed up the process by knowing exactly how to pinpoint where you need help. The Common Causes of Pain Outside the ToothOne of the most common causes of toothaches is from sensitive teeth. If you have pain in your teeth, it can be from cavities, gum disease or bruxism. That is when you clench or grind your teeth, most commonly at night. This causes them to be increasingly sensitive to hot or cold air, and sugary products. If you know you grind your teeth or feel that pain from cold air, let us know and we can help. The Causes of Tooth Pain In and Around Your TeethIf your gums are aching, the treatment is for us to clean the pockets around your teeth to protect your teeth and bones from damage. Some cases require oral surgery. If you have a root canal that has failed, you can get bacteria and infection in the pulp or the tooth root. A root canal procedure will clear this problem up. Tooth decay is usually easy to spot due to the dark colors on your white teeth. A crown on the tooth after the cleaning the cavity will relieve the pain and protect the tooth. If you have swelling on your face or jawline, it is likely the result of an abscessed tooth. Come in and get seen immediately because it is possible for the infection to spread. Our office has experience in all of the above situations. If you find yourself needing some dental help, please give us a call and we will get you scheduled as soon as we can....

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