The Importance of Preserving the Tooth Structure

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Thomas Wold, DMD
The Importance of Preserving the Tooth StructureThe recent advancements in the field of dentistry have surely been impressive, to say the least. With the advent of things like dental implants and dental crowns, tooth replacements have become super convenient and easy, featuring great durability and versatility.

However, despite so many advancements, it is essential to preserve the original tooth structure because nothing beats your actual teeth.
In some cases, resorting to these dental advancements is a given, but one should always strive towards natural tooth preservation.

Preserving the Tooth Structure

There are many reasons to preserve the tooth structure, such as:

•  It provides greater comfort because artificial teeth bring many uncomfortable elements such as shifting prostheses and having to apply adhesives that have an unpleasant taste.
•  It is a more affordable option given how dental restorations are so costly, and things like crowns and dentures are a big investment.
•  It is the most natural thing, and there’s nothing that can compare with the look of the real enamel.
•  Your teeth and their multiple layers have no healing capabilities of their own, and they also can’t regenerate, so it’s best if you try to conserve the natural tooth structure.
•  It gives you access to more dietary options since prosthesis might require you to limit or cut the consumption of numerous food items.

If you happen to be dealing with a dental issue that required medical attention, but you want to preserve your natural tooth structure, contact us at Aesthetic Dentistry of Bend where Thomas E. Wold, DMD and can suggest you possible treatment methods without having to resort to any extreme measures.

We have many means to repair chipped or broken teeth, for instance, without having to resort to anything artificial. Schedule an appointment with us at (541) 389-0261 so that we can discuss possible options and methods.
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