How to Repair a Cracked Tooth

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Thomas Wold, DMD
How to Repair a Cracked ToothCracked teeth are more common than you would imagine. There are various reasons why your tooth would crack. Some of the most common reasons are chewing or biting on hard foods, trauma to the oral cavity, teeth grinding pressure, and, most often, cracks may occur without any precipitating reason. For the most part, the problem presented by a crack largely depends on its size and location.

Small cracks occurring on the molars are likely to go unnoticed. Cracks occurring on the front teeth also pose a cosmetic problem and are likely to cause undue worry. Regardless of the cause, all cracks should always be presented to our dentists. This helps them survey the need for intervention as well as the likelihood of the crack progressing or getting larger.

Common Options for the Repair of a Cracked Tooth

Dental filling is the most common way of dealing with a cracked tooth. This is especially ideal for big cracks. Our dentists will quickly fill in the cracked region with a resin material that is similar to the tooth. Fillings help heal the tooth faster and are less likely to cause discomfort. There are many different types of fillings depending on your personal preference as well as your long-term plan.

Dental bonding is but one other way to deal with a cracked tooth. In this procedure, the tooth is filled to create a rough surface, and an adhesive is then applied to the surface, followed by a resin material. The tooth is then filed in and the surface evened.

Crowning is also used to repair major parts of the tooth that may be cracked off. In crowning, the dentist applies a crown on the enamel layer of the broken tooth. This fully conceals the cracked tooth. In addition to these procedures, our dentists may also recommend simple conservative measures for teeth that have microscopic cracks. Contact us today if you notice any cracks on your teeth so we can help resolve the issue.
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