Important Vitamins and Minerals That Can Help Strengthen Your Teeth and What They Do

Posted on 12/30/2019 by Thomas Wold, DMD
Important Vitamins and Minerals That Can Help Strengthen Your Teeth and What They DoOur diet is quite important to our teeth's overall health. When we eat right, it will show in every aspect of our bodies and most of all our teeth. Since the teeth are hard, most people often assume that they are not alive.

In truth, the teeth are just alive as any other part of the body. They need nourishment to stay strong and capable. When they lack said nutrients, they tend to wither off and become very weak. Very simple problems can cause the teeth to fall off or even get some dental diseases. Here are some of the most important vitamins and minerals to keep your teeth as strong as possible:

Calcium and Phosphorous

One of the most important minerals to your teeth is calcium. Calcium is responsible for teeth and bone development. However, it needs to be combined with phosphorus for them to do their best work. When your intake of calcium and phosphorous is healthy, you will notice that your teeth get stronger and your teeth are held more firmly in place. That's why people are encouraged to eat brown rice, cabbage, beans and more of dairy foods such as cheese and milk.

Vitamin D And A

Vitamin D is yet another crucial part of oral health that most people do not know. Although we might be consuming a lot of foods that contain phosphorous and calcium, the body might not be properly absorbing them into the bloodstream as intended. As much, most of it will go to waste.

However, with the aid of Vitamin D, the body can better absorb these minerals and also properly regulate them so that your body has as much as is needed and not more. What's more, these vitamins also help with inflammation problems such as the gums and tonsillitis. Foods rich in vitamin D include tuna, sardines, eggs cereals and some dairy products.

When we eat right, then a lot of the time we can avoid a lot of the dental problems we see around. By consuming foods with these minerals and vitamins, we give the body what it needs to keep our oral health at its peak and also prevent some issues that come with not keeping up with the nutritional needs of the body.
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