What You Should Do if You Burn the Roof of Your Mouth

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Thomas Wold, DMD
What You Should Do if You Burn the Roof of Your Mouth
Oral tissue is especially fragile. The delicate nature of this tissue is what allows us to taste and experience food—but it also means that this tissue is especially prone to burns and scalds from hot food and drink.

Scalding the roof of the mouth is painful and a nuisance; an injury of this nature inhibits the ability to consume certain food and drink, and can leave the tissue vulnerable to bacterial infection. Fortunately, there are treatments that should make your recovery more bearable.

What to Eat
If you have ever had wisdom teeth removed, or any oral surgery, you know that cool foods are soothing to an inflamed mouth. Ice and ice lollies will help subdue symptoms of burns. Dairy products coat the surface of oral tissues, providing longer-lasting relief from pain. Cold milk, refrigerated yogurt, and ice cream will all be soothing to a burned mouth—just make sure to rinse afterward!

Try to avoid crunchy, sharp food, like chips. The jagged edges on these foods may poke your injury and cause further irritation. Also avoid hot and spicy foods, as these will aggravate the wound. Acidic foods should be avoided. Coffee, tomatoes, and citrus fruits may cause irritation to the wound, and delay the healing process. Additionally, tobacco products should not be used while the mouth is healing.


Over-the-counter pain relief medications may be taken to help ease symptoms. Medications containing ibuprofen, benzocaine, and/or acetaminophen are commonly used to treat inflammation. Make sure not to take more than the recommended dosage, and do not use for longer than necessary. In some cases, mouth burns cannot be treated at home.

If your mouth burn causes redness, swelling, dry peeling, or blistering in the mouth, you should contact us immediately.
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