What Is Malocclusion

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Thomas Wold, DMD
What Is MalocclusionMalocclusion is a term that many people are not familiar with, especially those that are not used to orthodontists' visits. However, this term is not as scary as it might sound. Its definition is so simple. Malocclusion is the incorrect bite that happens when teeth do not meet together. Malocclusion can come with various negative health effects, which include gum recession, joint pain as well as headaches. Hence, in case you have any fears, it is a high chance you booked a consultation with an expert to get checked up so that your gum can be examined.

Symptoms of malocclusion

It is common for individuals to be born suffering from an imperfect bite. Therefore, the symptoms can vary from subtle to chronic. Some of the signs of malocclusion are abnormal teeth wearing, teeth alignment abnormality, difficulty in biting or chewing, and breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, among many others.

Causes Of Malocclusion

There is no main cause of malocclusion. However, there are some causes that have been identified by orthodontists. Some of these symptoms are injury and genetic factors. Congenital syndromes are mainly caused by a small lower jaw and small teeth. Thumb sucking can be another reason why an individual could suffer from malocclusion.

Treating Malocclusion

Treatment for malocclusion is only advised when the symptoms are visible. A patient might also request treatment when there is a need for a cosmetic teeth-aligned set mainly for psychological wellness. Orthodontic treatment can be used to correct malocclusion too. Depending on the extent of a patient's malocclusions, dentists can recommend the use of braces. Note that if the malocclusion is not treated, one can suffer from oral complications, discomfort, or pain. For a proper diagnosis and treatment, it is essential that you visit an orthodontist soon enough before you run out of time. Again, some outcomes can be permanent if not attended to early enough.
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