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The American Dental Association advocates a consistent and effective daily oral hygiene routine to help prevent periodontal health problems and cavities. This is founded on brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once. This includes flossing the base of your teeth near the gumline as well as cleaning behind each of your rear molars.

If residual food particles, sugar residue, and plaque aren’t fully cleaned away, they can harden into tartar. As it starts to build up at the gumline, the bacterial presence can cause the periodontal inflammation condition which is known as gingivitis.

Early on, it can cause your gums to appear inflamed and bleed easily when brushing and flossing. Many gingivitis sufferers also struggle with chronic bad breath.

It’s also worth noting that if you miss one of your routine dental checkups at Dr. Thomas E. Wold‘s dental office, the tartar buildup and gingivitis inflammation can worsen into the severe gum infection of periodontitis.

This can weaken the roots of your teeth leading to the potential loss of multiple teeth. Without professional treatment, this condition can eventually lead to tooth loss and medical complications.

New research has found that severe periodontitis and the resulting systemic inflammation can complication medical conditions like diabetes. It can also possibly increase your risk of stroke and heart disease.

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