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The dentist is honestly your best friend when it comes to cavities. The dentist can help you treat the cavity at its various stages, but there are some things you can do to help yourself if you have to wait for treatment.

When you notice white spots on your teeth, that could actually be a sign of a cavity getting started. While you wait for the dentist to help you, you can help your teeth by using toothpaste and mouth rinses that contain fluoride. It can also be useful for you if these items have calcium and phosphates in them.

Fluoride is very beneficial for remineralizing your teeth. Fluoride is absorbed into the enamel, adding some strength for the tooth against decay. While it is there, it can help your enamel bring in other minerals like calcium and phosphates, which are necessary components for your enamel.

If a cavity is in its early stage, these minerals can help slow it down or even help reverse it. Even so, we still recommend visiting our dentist, Dr. Thomas E. Wold. Our dentist can help you treat the cavity more effectively.

If you struggle with cavities, please come to our office in Bend, Oregon. We can help you treat these issues and help you avoid them in the future. To schedule an appointment, you can call 541.389.1301, and we will get you set up.