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Tooth enamel attrition can occur when two or more teeth meet in your bite pattern at an unnatural angle. When this happens, it can cause excess wear and tear, leading to a compromised area on the tooth. In time, tooth decay can form, dental fractures can occur, and you may also experience heightened sensitivity.

It might be possible for our team at Dr Thomas E. WOLD Dentistry in Bend, Oregon to repair a small are of enamel attrition with a standard filling. Unfortunately, a large, untreated area or damage to critical structures of the tooth might require us to perform a crown restoration.

This is a two-stage method of treatment that starts by removing the entire tooth enamel layer. This leaves behind a pillar of healthy dentin called an abutment. In time this will serve as an anchor for the crown.

We will them prepare an impression of the abutment and the related teeth in the area. Particular care will be taken to note the previous area of enamel attrition, so minute changes can be made to the final crown. This will be sent to an off-site dental lab where your permanent crown is prepared.

A hard-plastic cap will be cemented over the abutment. It does not actually restore the full function of the tooth. It is only meant to protect the abutment while you wait for your permanent crown to be ready.

We will call you back in for a follow-up appointment when your permanent crown is ready. We will remove the temporary crown, before using a strong dental adhesive to cement the permanent crown in place.

If you live in the Bend, Oregon area and you have a tooth suffering from damaged tooth enamel, please call 541.389.1301 to seek professional treatment at the dental office of Dr Thomas E. WOLD Dentistry. We look forward to helping you create a healthy, confident smile!