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Even though tooth enamel is very hard, there are still a few things that can apply enough force to chip or fracture one of your teeth. Some of the more common causes of a problem like this includes using your teeth as tools or a bad habit of nibbling on pencils and pens. Individuals who grind their teeth at night on a frequent basis are also increasingly prone to suffering a chipped tooth.

Without professional attention and treatment from dentist like Dr. Thomas E. Wold the damaged area of tooth enamel could gradually start to collect bacterial deposits. Overtime this could cause a severe cavity to develop deep within the compromised tooth. Even if the tooth resists latent tooth decay the compromised structural integrity could lead to a more severe fracture in the future.

The size and location of the damage to the tooth enamel will influence the treatment strategy that Dr. Thomas E. Wold advocates.

With timely attention a fractured tooth can sometimes be repaired by having him perform a a dental crown restoration. This mode of treatment is intended to completely replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternative material like base metals, gold or dental grade porcelain.

These restorations typically require two separate appointments. The first will prepare the tooth by removing the remaining enamel layer. An impression will then be made and sent to a dental lab where the dental crown will be produced. When it’s ready our dentist will cement the dental crown in place with a strong dental adhesive.

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