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Do you know if you have gum disease? Gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease, is an extremely common, yet serious oral infection to your gum tissue. Gum disease is caused by a variety of factors, including plaque buildup within our mouths, that if left untreated, can steadily eat away at your gums and cause irreparable tooth loss.

Prevent gum disease from destroying your smile by keeping track of the following signs that may be occurring:

– Does it look like your gums are pulling back away from your teeth, revealing more of their roots?
– Do you ever have loose teeth that feel wobbly?
– Do your gums constantly bleed when eating food or brushing and flossing?
– Do you continue to partake in bad habits for your oral health such as smoking or chewing tobacco, or using drugs?
– Have you been prescribed any medications that list gum disease as a traditional side effect?
– Do you suffer from recurring bouts of halitosis (bad breath) no matter how frequently you brush and floss?
– Do you have sensitive gums that appear damaged, tender to the touch, or are red and bleeding?

If you notice any ongoing signs of gum disease, fortunately, it can be treated. Dr Thomas E. WOLD Dentistry remains committed to your oral health, and you are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 541.389.1301. Stop by our dentist office in Bend, Oregon, and Dr. Thomas E. Wold and our team will give you the oral health care treatment you need. Gum disease can ruin your smile, so come see us today!