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Several oral health care risks can arise due to oral accidents and injuries. Typically, a single blow to the face can destroy your smile in seconds and set back your oral health decades. To prevent years of hard work from going down the drain, protect your teeth whenever possible. This includes the use of safety gear such as mouth guards.

Through the use of a mouth guard, you can effectively help to prevent dental damage that can potentially rise. Mouth guards are most effective in high-risk situations, such as contact sports, when your teeth and gums are most at risk. For a customized mouthguard that is designed to fit your exact dental profile, visit your dentist to have one crafted for you. Boil and bite mouthguards can also be used to provide a custom fit. However, if you would want one that is not customized for your smile and ready-to-wear, buy one at the store as they are often pre-formed. They’re often not as effective because they do not contour to your teeth and gums.

Having a mouth guard in place can be ineffective if you are not taking care of it properly. Thus, always make sure you care for it as needed and replace it if it ever shows signs of wear or damage. Cleaning your mouthguard includes soaking it in soapy water whenever it becomes contaminated. Furthermore, when you are not using it, you should transport it in a sturdy container that is well ventilated to prevent bacteria buildup. Never leave your mouthguard sitting out in the sun or in hot water and be aware that siblings and pets need to be kept away from it, as it can often end up as a chew toy.

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