What is tooth extraction?

At Dr Thomas E. WOLD Dentistry our team is committed to giving you strong, healthy teeth for life. While we strive to preserve your natural teeth as often as possible, there are times when a tooth extraction is necessary. If Dr. Thomas E. Wold determines that a tooth extraction—or the removal of the tooth—is unavoidable, we will gladly offer you one of our tooth replacement options to complete your smile and return it to its optimal beauty and function.

Why might I need a tooth extraction?
There are several circumstances that could require a tooth extraction, including:

  • A tooth that cannot be restored or repaired because of extreme damage or decay
  • A tooth that has lost a significant portion of its bone structure
  • Having too many teeth in a dental arc, also referred to as crowding
  • When primary teeth are preventing permanent teeth from erupting

Our devoted dentist will do everything he can to maintain your natural smile, but if an extraction is required, our team will work hard to restore your smile to its ideal function and appearance. If you have any more questions about tooth extraction in Bend, Oregon, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to caring for your smile.