If your teeth are damaged, cracked, or decayed, our talented team in may recommend dental fillings to restore your smile to its optimal look, comfort, and performance. Dr. Thomas E. Wold can help you decide if a dental filling is a good match for your needs. If you decide a dental filling in Bend, Oregon, is right for you, our gentle dentist will follow these steps:

  • First, he will carefully remove the decayed or damaged area of the tooth.
  • Next, Dr. Thomas E. Wold will carefully clean and sanitize the remaining tooth.
  • Third, will carefully place the filling layer by layer, giving each layer adequate time to harden
  • Finally, we will shape and polish the filling to make it blend with the shape and tone of your smile.

At Dr Thomas E. WOLD Dentistry, we are proud to offer composite fillings, which are made from a combination of fine glass and plastic. Composite fillings, which are sometimes referred to as white or tooth-colored fillings, can be made to match the natural color of your teeth. For this reason, composite fillings give your smile a more aesthetically pleasing look. If you have any questions about dental fillings, we invite you to contact us today to schedule your next appointment. Our team is devoted to giving you the happy, healthy smile of your dreams.